Google and facebook launch tools to help find people Affected by the nepal earthquake

Google and Facebook have launched tools to help people find and track their friends and relatives in the areas affected by Saturday’s disastrous earthquake.

Google has re-launched its People Finder tool, where visitors can either look for someone or share information about someone in the affected areas. The People Finder tool uses a database of missing persons powered by crowd sourced data from individuals and organizations to help people check the status of friends or relatives after a disaster.

Facebook has also launched its Safety Check tool to help users in the affected areas let friends and loved ones know they’re OK. If you are in one of the areas affected by the earthquake, you will get a notification asking if you’re safe, and whether you want to check on any of your friends.

Dropbox Notes Beta – for collaborative note-taking

Dropbox launches Dropbox Notes – a collaborative note-taking service and is now open for beta test. Dropbox Notes offers a new way for teams to write together. A quick screenshot shows an interface with clear indicators showing multiple people working on editing a text document.

However there’s no info yet on when the application will be launched or if it will only be made available to businesses who are signed up for Dropbox. The beta signup page asks you to submit what company you work for, but Dropbox says that anyone is free to sign up for the beta, regardless of whether they work for a business that uses Dropbox.

Keeping Microsoft Office files shared between users in sync was a major snag faced by Dropbox and this can absolutely be mended with the recent efforts involving a straight partnership between the two companies

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dropbox-beta Dropbox Notes Beta – for collaborative note-taking Dropbox Notes Beta – for collaborative note-taking dropbox beta

Hipstamatic Reveals DSPO, Its New Social Photography App For iOS!

DSPO lets you take photos with a group of friends and your companions do not get to see those images until the camera timer expires, at which point you’ll get an alert that your images are ready. Till then, you can give clues to your buddies about what the pics show like where it was taken and its mood.
The timer can be set from 1 hour to 365 days.

The company is betting on its social features to attract new users, who can invite their friends to a camera using Facebook.

“If you’re at a concert and the band tweets out a link to their camera for the show, everyone can contribute and you’ll get the event from all different angles. This works for weddings, festivals, camping trips.

It’s the desire to want to be part of the camera that will get people to
download,” says Mario Estrada, Hipstamatic’s vice president of special projects.

It’s not just a social camera, DSPO boasts some cool features too. It has in-app messaging for each camera and filters.

Hipstamatic is free for the iPhone and the drawing tools and more features can be unlocked with a one-time paid upgrade.

Microsoft’s patent to cure filthy touchscreens

Isn’t it disgusting to touch Dirty
screens? Surfaces of any touch-based screens are infested with finger prints and other interaction remnants carrying potential disease causing agents.

And now Microsoft has a solution. Microsoft has patented a cure for this, where we can use UV light is to disinfect touchscreens automatically.

A transparent film material is affixed to the touchscreen that will automatically disinfect the surface. UV light is emitted from a UV light source into an edge of the transparent material, transferring the light through it. Then, some UV light escapes from the transparent film when you touch the surface disinfect fingertips and immediate surrounding areas.

Facebook’s caller ID app Hello

Facebook’s Hello will provide the caller’s Facebook profile and let you decide if you want to answer, ignore, or block the caller. This app adds a social aspect to phone calls and also improves the called ID functionality. Like Google maps you can also search for a business and make a call in a single tap. Also users can suggest places to their friends.

Facebook says that all the information that’s being used in Hello is already available publicly on its site. There will be no changes in Facebook’s privacy settings. Hello will simply allow you to see the caller’s profile if one exists on Facebook.

there is no word yet whether or not this app will be rolled out to iOS. In the meantime, Hello is available in theGoogle Play Store.


Facebook’s caller ID app Hello Facebook’s caller ID app Hello IMG 6136  Facebook’s caller ID app Hello Facebook’s caller ID app Hello IMG 6137  Facebook’s caller ID app Hello Facebook’s caller ID app Hello IMG 6138 

WhatsApp calling arrives for Apple users

WhatsApp Calling feature that was launched few weeks back for Android has become one of the popular peer-to-peer calling apps available for mobile. While Skype, Viber and Line are still popular, WhatsApp’s growing subscriber base at more than 70 million users has made others app irrelevant in competition. The much awaited feature has now arrived for iOS users on the App Store.

“WhatsApp Calling: Call your friends and family using WhatsApp for free, even if they’re in another country. WhatsApp calls use your phone’s Internet connection rather than your cellular plan’s voice minutes. Data charges may apply. Note: WhatsApp Calling is rolling out slowly over the next several weeks,” says the official app. So, in case the app is still not available for you, wait patiently since they have promised to roll out gradually for everyone soon.

Now, head to the App Store and download the latest version of WhatsApp to check whether the update has been rolled out to you or not.

Google’s new search algorithm – an adversity to small businesses??

With 60% of the online traffic coming from mobile, Google
has done a major update to its mobile search algorithm to cater good user
experience for the mobile users. Nick named – mobile-geddon, this initiates a major ranking shake-up for mobile websites. This new algorithm favors mobile-friendly websites – with large text, easy-to-click links, and that resize to fit whatever screen they’re viewed on and rank them higher in search. Websites that aren’t
mobile-friendly will get demoted.

The imminent changes to the algorithm was announced in
February and web developers were given nearly two months’ time and ample information to make the changes necessary to keep their sites from disappearing from mobile
search results.

“I think the people who are at risk are those who don’t know about it,” Sadan says. To him, that mostly means small businesses.

“Come April 21, a lot of small businesses are going to
be really surprised that the number of visitors to their websites has dropped
significantly. This is going to affect millions of sites on the web,” he adds.

Remote control your presentations from your wrist

Microsoft has updated PowerPoint for iPhone today to allow future Apple Watch owners to control presentations from their wrists. The app allows the user to navigate between slides and see elapsed time or total number of slides in a deck.

Microsoft isn’t extending this new functionality to the PC and Mac. You’ll only be able to control presentations on an iPhone. Microsoft does have similar Office Remote functionality for Windows Phones to control presentations from a PC, so it’s possible the company may enable the same features on the Apple Watch in the future.

Hay Clear helps you clean up your dumb tweets

Are you the one who Swears a lot on twitter and regrets it later. Clear is here to help your profanity. Clear is an iOS app, which is currently in the wait list

The app does not only catches the F-word but is also looking for warning signs like references to racial groups or sexual orientation, and it also analyzes the general sentiment.

The deletion capabilities do already exist on these social medias but Clear makes the job easy by finding the stuff you might want to delete. Right now the algorithm needs some work as it  catches words like “assistant” , “puns” which ultimately is not gonna put your social reputation down. 

But beware, if other people on social media have found the contentious material first and took screenshots then even Clear cant save you.

Guessing games abuzz after leaked images of iPad Pro

Apple’s long-standing history with making compact devices is well-known. So, when there are wild rumours about the company working on a larger iPad, it essentially went viral and got talked about on social media platforms. The latest images spotted on the French Publication ‘Nowhereelse’ suggest how big Apple’s upcoming product iPad Pro is going to be and have left everyone play guessing games. 

The design of the 12.9 inch iPad Pro is similar to the iPad Air 2. “Investment to produce 30,000 sheets next year’s second quarter have started. Apple is creating iPads with 12.9-inch display, which shows they are increasing the panel size,” says an insider working in LG.

The leaked images reveal the measurement of iPad Pro to be 305.7 x 222.6 x 7.2 millimeters. There are also fresh reports that iPad Pro will be made with the special aluminium allow with which the flagship Apple Watch has been prepared. 

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