Twitter unveils brand-new homepage to attract new users

Twitter has finally understood its strength to convert its huge visitor base into active users. Yes, they have revamped their homepage for non-users who still see tweets of their favourite celebrities or friends without signing in. Estimates say more than 500 million people who are not users visit the homepage of Twitter every day. 

Now, if a new user lands on Twitter home page, he will witness a range of topics from pop artists, cute animals, space news, sports news, technology news, business news to actors and actresses. Each topic has a different number of celebrities or users popular in the space and the most hot and happening trends or tweets will be shown in the homepage for non-users. 

This is such a masterly move to convert the non-users of the micro-blogging platform into regular users. Now, there is no need to sign up for the service to explore various sections on Twitter. This will definitely boost the subscriber base of one of the most influential social media platforms on the web. 

Finding your Android phone is as easy as a Google search now!!

Are you the one who misplaces your phone in some stupid place and go wild searching for it? Then this is for you! Yes you can use Google to find your Android phone. Just type the words ‘find my phone’ into any Google search bar from your computer and in seconds Google will locate your device on a map and give you the option to make it ring.
While Android Device Manager already exists to help find lost phones and tablets, just getting to your account’s ADM menu often requires a search of its own. But Find My Phone is as simple as a web query. Unfortunately, Find My Phone does not let you to lock or erase your device when it is stolen, you will still need Android Device Manager to do that.

find phone Finding your Android phone is as easy as a Google search now!! Finding your Android phone is as easy as a Google search now!! find phone

There are some limitations: your phone must have the latest version of Android’s main Google app installed, and your browser must be logged into the same Google account as your phone is, but it’s a much simpler way to find your phone than going through the Android Device Manager, which many Android users may not even be aware of.

With Pymetrics Finding a job is as easy as playing a game!

Pymetrics’ website hosts games that will assess your innate qualities like attentiveness and motivation and tell what career suits you better.
When you play a few games for about half an hour on Pymetrics’ website, the company’s algorithm will assess your characteristics and send your profile to potential employers.

Pymetrics boasts about 80,000 registered job candidates and a rising list of organizations, which include Fidelity and Egon Zehnder.
“Neuroscience has revolutionized our understanding of the brain, We apply this to helping people find their optimal career path, and help companies find ideal candidates.” Explains the company’s website.
Pymetrics measures neither your IQ nor your knowledge of any subject matter, but rather assesses fifty key cognitive and emotional traits.
Different professions require different personal qualities and that’s what their software evaluates.

images With Pymetrics Finding a job is as easy as playing a game! With Pymetrics Finding a job is as easy as playing a game! images

After you play all the games, sophisticated data-science algorithms analyze your performance and create your cognitive and emotional profile—and your career profile as well.
Pymetrics identifies what you are naturally best at, and matches it up with the career that requires it. The one you can fall in love with, in theory.
A simple game that evaluates the attentiveness: If a green circle pops up on the screen, clap your hands and if a red one pops, don’t clap.
In another game, you have to read faces – look at a photograph and tell what the person is feeling based on their facial expression. This is an important for human resources executives.

So no more hassles of filling forms and questionnaires to find a job!!



Apple’s ResearchKit is open for developers

Earlier in March at Apple’s press event, ResearchKit – a software framework intended to help collect data for medical studies was announced. Recently, Apple added third-party app support to ResearchKit, so that more developers and medical researchers can make apps for the platform.

Aimed at turning more than 700 million iPhones into self-diagnosis and research tools, ResearchKit will help equip researchers with a much larger, more precise pool from which to draw from for clinical trials by beating the infrastructural barriers like subjective and infrequent sources of data encountered by medical professionals.

Researchkit Apple’s ResearchKit is open for developers Apple’s ResearchKit is open for developers Researchkit

Opening up ResearchKit to all the developers who work to design apps for medical researchers will certainly help increase the variety of medical conditions that are included in the kit. Around 60,000 people have already enrolled in the research conducted in the first few apps says Apple. The company expects the number of participants in ResearchKit studies to grow quickly, as more apps are added.

The University of Rochester, Xuanwu Hospital, and Capital Medical University worked to develop an app that can measure the advancement of Parkinson’s disease.

Microsoft is working to enhance Windows 10’s touch mode

Microsoft is making the touch experience in Windows 10 better. And the newly leaked build (10056) reveals quite a few features. The notification center with quick access to settings and notifications substitutes the Charms bar and the Start Screen has a full screen view of Live Tiles and apps. Swiping it from the left lets you access recent apps.
Windows 10 also helps you to launch apps and they expand full screen without cluttering the task bar. Enabling the Tablet Mode removes any apps on the taskbar, and the user is presented with an UI that only has access to the Start Screen, virtual desktops, and the Cortana digital assistant. And when tablet mode is switched off then it goes back to the normal traditional desktop view with all the apps open and resized into windows A new black theme is introduced changing it from the conventional light colors. The notification center is now black, and most of the UI elements are equally dark.
Start Menu can be resized again, the color for the UI across Windows 10 can be changed to match the background. After the leak more tweaks are suggested by users since the build has mixed reviews.

BitTorrent’s Maelstrom

BitTorrent, the peer-to-peer tools company helps people to distribute digital files and communicate with each other, has now taken a leap.  , BitTorrent’s web browser – Maelstrom, is now in beta. The browser is built on decentralized, P2P architecture,

In December 2014, when Maelstrom initially opened a limited alpha it has had a strong response says BitTorrent.

“The alpha group was fairly modest, a few thousand,” a spokesperson told. “But that helped us quite a bit. It’s built on a fork of chromium, so when it hits non-Maelstrom pages it will render them the same as any regular browser.”

BitTorrent has championed its P2P framework since there are no servers in a P2P system, there is no storage to access and read.

“It’s a vision for the Internet that we’ve long held at BitTorrent,” BitTorrent’s CEO Eric Klinker notes in a blog post about the beta. “We believe it’s a necessary innovation to sustain atruly neutral, content-friendly network.”

Facebook’s ‘New’ trending news section is under testing

Facebook introduced the trending news section last year which shows the latest trending news on web, just like what Twitter has already done with Trending Hashtags. Seems Facebook is not satisfied with the trending news section and the company is now updating its trending news section by categorizing them under the Politics, business, science and technology, sports and entertainment.

This new feature will be first available for its US web and android users and then it will be rolled out to other countries and iOS users. According to a blog on Facebook’s newsroom each trending topic will have five sections Articles – from News publishers on a particular story, In the story – will have posts from the people who are part of the story, Friends and Groups – what people from your network has shared about the trending topic, Near the scene – present  the posts shared by people who are at the place where the story opens out, Live feed – will have the posts from people around the world on a particular story.

Windows 10 offers all in one Windows Store

The most annoying feeling for Windows users is the need to flip back and forth for their various uses including accessing apps, watching videos across devices like desktops, tablets and mobile phones. In fact, if you need to access media files from the library, you should alternate between Video Store and Xbox Music. Now, the upcoming Windows 10 will make things simpler as Microsoft has announced a unified store for apps, video, music and games. 
There will be universal apps available for all devices and it can be extrapolated to different screen sizes for various purposes. “The experience you will see today is unfinished and we have a lot more work to do. For example – you won’t see movie or TV details like cast and crew and you’ll only be able to stream video content right now. But don’t worry – offline download capability will be coming!,” wrote Microsoft on its blog. 
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Google presents 3D views of artifacts and craniums in its Art Project

Google’s Cultural Institute inaugurated in 2011 now possess more than 6 million metaphors, videos and documents from over 60 countries and more than 10,000 works of art.

The Google Art Project is launched with the intent to protect and endorse culture on the web.

Thousands of murals, paintings and a lot more are archived for viewing on the web. Now the latest addition to it is, 3 dimensional skulls. With nearly 300 3D scans in its gallery you can now examine detailed animal craniums. And don’t fuss now, it is not just skulls, skulls and skulls to view in 3D,  masks, sculptures, portraits, monuments and lot more at your fingertips. You can view artifacts from 6 museums without even getting into the car.

Hit the link to explore:

Twitter withdraws ‘Discover’, ‘Activity’ tabs

In a bold move of improvisation, Twitter has withdrawn the ‘Discover’ and ‘Activity’ tabs on Android and iOS platforms. Instead, users will now be able to access Trends on the search page tailored by Twitter. There will be a short description about each trend to understand the topics and hashtags better.

“We know that trends aren’t always self-explanatory, so now you’ll see a description below each trend. Since trends tend to be abbreviations without context, like #NYFW, a description will make it clear that this trend is about New York Fashion Week. The new trends experience may also include how many Tweets have been sent and whether a topic is trending up or down,” wrote Gabor Cselle on the company’s official blog.

You can access the new feature by adding updating your Twitter app. Currently, it is rolled out in the U.S and will expand to other countries in the upcoming days. Twitter is also mulling over plans to make content reading easier by implementing similar features for web.

On the downside, users will not be able to see the tweets their friends favourite and the new users their friends follow.