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In case you didn’t know it already, social networking platforms are one of the best ways to increase your company profile.
There are not that many internet users these days who do not have a Facebook account, and this has resulted in Facebook becoming the most popular social networking platform out there (seen the film Social Network with Justin Timberlake?). It has over 400 million active users and thus has become an incredible advertising platform, enabling any website to generate a significant amount of traffic to be converted to business leads.

However, growing your business through Facebook is not as simple as having a profile page. Your business will need to have its own Facebook fan page, which should be professionally designed and branded, allowing you to display your business, products and services as best as they can be.

Although you can have a go at doing this yourself, a Facebook fan page is just as important as your website and therefore needs to look just as impressive. Your design will need to be creative in order to attract potential web visitors however; it also needs to stay loyal to your brand and fit in with your market place.

Beneath you will see some very impressive stats regarding Facebook users:

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  • There are in excess of 400 million users of Facebook
  • Roughly 50% of Facebook users log on to their profile every single day
  • Users share more than 5 billion types of web content through Facebook
  • Over 1.5 million local business are the proud owners of an active Facebook Fan Page
  • Over 20 million people become fans of a different Facebook Fan Page every day


Not only are our designers extremely creative and talented but they also have a fascination with the world of social network marketing and therefore have a vast array of knowledge between them. The design team will work closely with you so that will hit all the criteria you desire for your Facebook fan page.

Heaps of time and energy is put into researching your Facebook fan page, so you don’t need to!
Not only will the final product be pleasing to the eye but it will also give a fantastic first impression about your business. Think of it as a virtual business card!

The S-Cubes superb design team (if we do say so ourselves!) specialise in building Facebook fan pages which continually gain in popularity. FBML applications are used to create professional and exclusive Facebook fan pages for your business.
If you would like a no-obligation chat about our Facebook fan page solutions just give us a call!

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