Our Story

Founded 14 years ago, we began as a small business in graphic design. Now, SCube Digital is a full-fledged full-service digital media and technology consultancy that has continued to grow and develop expertise in a number of different sectors, especially Fintech. We continue to build our competency in the latest trends worldwide so that you can be sure that your business has exceptional digital media support. We only take on board projects we absolutely love. You can be sure that we put a 100% of our passion in each and every one of them..

We partner with industry leaders to provide invaluable advice with commercial nous and deliver the results. Our proven customer service record is second to none. You can trust us to meet our deadlines and provide continuous after sales support for your peace of mind through and through. SCube Digital invests itself in your growth journey, so give us a chance.

Fast Turnaround.

Delivering a project on real-time, by cutting down avoidable overhead and working agile.

Working Smart.

We provide smart solutions to your problems by saving time and money.

Cut Above The Rest.

Our reasonable cost and product quality get you ahead.

Key Highlights

1. Proactive and real-time delivery. No more long email chain.

2. An integrated part of your in-house team by being online on Slack or Skype.

3. Digitally challenged. We are keen to try out the latest digital trends.

4. Ship. Ship. Ship. Big or small we like to launch projects.

5. Blended into your company’s culture.


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Shovan Sargunam
Director of SCube Digital