Automation of technology to reduce overhead

Connect had a small events team. Managing the events software, ticketing, system, social media marketing, website management, payment system, pos can be a daunting process.

I reviewed the overall infrastructure and produced an automation strategy. Since some systems deeply embedded with the current workflow and other were legacy systems.

Reducing content administration tasks would drastically reduce CMS editor’s resources and free support for another function.

  • Manual task identification
  • Updating social media images for each event
  • Updating the homepage image for keynotes
  • End of the weekly summary blog images
  • Updating video cover for YouTube
  • Generating video thumbnail for website videos
  • Social cards for resource pages


Created an image wireframe with the current branding and different sizes depending on the channel.
Generated event list as a CSV format from the scheduling tool. It was put behind a cronjob to update on a regular basis.
Delegated to the development team to produce a python script that would fetch the content from the CSV and applied it on top of the background image. This generated images of different size and dimension for each social media platform. The generated images were then uploaded to a static server and pre-populate the CSV file with the image link.

Now we had the new CSV with the event name and images on the website as we continued to run regular CSV updates. We also tapped into YouTube API to update the video thumbnail on a daily basis.


This automation has reduced team overheads. The marketing team was now able to keep social images up-to-date with a click of a button. Adding social cards to the page has increased the click-through rate to the website. Adding thumbnail to YouTube video has helped with Youtube SEO by increasing engagement. Optimising the pages for schema tag help in with visibility on Google.

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