New web technology stack for a multi-group brand.

CMS plays a vital role in digital marketing. You need a CMS that produces results. Over the years we have used centrepiece and open source CMS to help our customers manage the website.

We were presented with a new challenge. When we started Linaro, we scraped PHP based CMS to WordPress to speed things up. Using WordPress helps us bring development in-house. It also meant we were rapidly prototyping and building several websites and microsites in no time. We had successfully integrated WordPress into the technology infrastructure.

While conducting digital audit we understood the traffic and conversion rate. WordPress is a great CMS and is still one of our core offerings. However, Linaro was a different company. The way Open Source employees and business operated were different from any traditional business.

In order to improve website performance and to encourage employees to contribute, we had to introduce a new web infrastructure. I was responsible for planning an entirely new infrastructure to fit in with the company culture and also added commercial value to the business.

We knew our employees were comfortable working from GitHib. The ways to improve website performance was to leverage website performance through techniques such as CDN, image compression, static websites etc. After several R&D stages, we concluded Static websites were way forward. It would reduce the IT infrastructure overhead, the website was much more secure (no need to keep wordpress themes & plugins up to date) and helps with the company culture of collaborative work.

Cutting-edge solution

We wanted a hybrid solution that combined the power of a static website and a CMS. We concluded static sites was an option to explore. At that time static, websites were a reasonably new concept. We planned the itemised development requirements before launching our first static website.


The static website improved our website performance from 8s to 0.5s saw an uptick in SEO by 40%. Since the site was much faster, it resulted in increased pages visited per user.

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