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The four strides to our business are
Technology, Innovation, Agility and Mindfulness.

We use our expertise to accelerate growth through the digital space by implementing latest technology that reduces business costs and provides maximum value. Our simple and smart approach cut undesired overhead, administration and revisions.

We work with your strategy, we produce results, and we go that extra mile because we care.

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  • “Shovan is the total package. Creative, hard working, ambitious and full of positivity. I worked with Shovan for four years, one year on the same team. He was a very considerate and helpful colleague and even with a tremendous amount of pressure and work on his plate he always maintained a great attitude. I’d be thrilled to have the chance to work with Shovan again. ”

    Kristine Dill Events Manager
  • “Shovan is a fantastic addition to any team; friendly, hardworking and unfailingly professional he brings a sense of calm organisation to projects, delivering clear thinking and strong results. His ability to manage complex projects involving multiple stakeholders is highly valuable and his work ethic is second to none. A genuinely warm, happy person, Shovan fits well into team environments, always going the extra mile to ensure the assignments he works on are a success.”

    Simon Senior Copywriter
  • "Shovan worked with me and my team from almost scratch to create 96Boards to what it is today an industrial recognised brand. Shovan has proven to be very creative, resourceful and organised in his efforts. I have always enjoying going to his desk with a wild request and walked away with a nice idea. Shovan works really well cross teams considering the nature of Linaro collaborative work. Pleasure to work with!"

    Yang Zang Director of 96Boards
  • "I worked with Shovan for nearly 5 years, his enthusiasm, drive and encouragement is inspiring. He is a fantastic work colleague, full of energy and new ideas. Not afraid of a challenge and encourages others to "try". If the opportunity arose I would not hesitate to work with Shovan again!"

    Diane Group HR Director
  • "I had the opportunity to work with Shovan for four years during which his talent and ideas quickly became evident. I especially liked the capability to do things differently and was surprised many times by the level of innovation in his work."

    Mathieu Developer

Driving Performance with Digital Transformations.

We fuel the digital transformations that tackle today’s complex technology, business and marketing challenges. We focus on the things that matter most — the insights, interactions, integrations and innovations that can make extraordinary things happen for brands, businesses and their customers.

We have created a six-level digital transformation methodology, what stage are you in?

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